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Svea (SVAY-uh) Mutual Insurance Company is one of the largest farm mutual companies in Illinois.

In the early 1860s, settlers from Sweden felt the need for easily understood protection from losses caused by fire and lightning. Through cooperation, trust and friendship, they formed an organization basically dividing the total dollar amount lost in a year by the number of members. Then each member would pay his fair share at the annual meeting.

By an act passed by the Illinois House of Representatives in 1865, the Company was formed. In 1916 the by-laws were amended to include not only Swedish speaking people, but anyone of Swedish descent or people linked to a Swede through marriage. Finally, in 1920, the Company opened its doors to all good risks, regardless of "race, color, nationality or previous condition of servitude."

Orion became Svea Mutual's home in 1927 when a building was erected to serve as our office and "a place to store records." Our present office at 1103 4th Street was constructed in 1973, with two additions added later.

As you can see, Svea Mutual has been servicing their policyholders for over 145 years. Go to the "Find an Agent" link on our website for an agent near you. We are the "The Company that SERVICE Built".

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