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It’s pronounced svay-uh.

Contrary to popular belief,
the name of our company is Svea. It’s not S.V.E.A, an acronym. It has been researched by many different organizations throughout the years, and to date no concrete explanation has surfaced that would explain the origin of the name Svea.

Policyholder Notice: In accordance with recent changes to Section 10(a)(2) of the Farm Mutual Act (“the Act”) by the Illinois General Assembly through SB 765, Svea Mutual Insurance Company will be reducing its catastrophic reinsurance coverages from unlimited catastrophic coverage to “adequate” catastrophic coverage. “Adequate” catastrophic reinsurance coverage increases the risk retained by Svea Mutual and therefore increases the possibility that members will be assessed.

A heritage of service.
Svea Mutual. Est. 1865.